Constitutional Law II

HU Course No. 600-621
Prof. Steven Jamar

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Maryland Con Law Bar Exam Questions, Answers, Analysis (pdf)

Welcome to the home page of Prof. Jamar's Constitutional Law II website. This website is only for the course taught by Prof. Jamar. It does not provide any information about the course as it may be taught by other faculty members. For fall 2015 we will be using draft chapters from the constitutional law textbook being written by Profs. Jamar and Francois. These materials are available for download free of charge from Prof. Jamar's website. You may print them, but bear in mind that you should not print them on Howard printers; your HUSL printing allowance is for other materials, not course materials.

Most of these materials will be available one week before classes start. The rest will be made available ahead of the time when they are assigned.

The syllabus is not fully revised to include these materials yet, but a draft version is available online.

Jamar & Francois, Constitutional Law Ch. 2 Foundations (2015)(pdf)

Jamar & Francois, Constitutional Law Ch. 11 Equal Protection (2015) (pdf)

Jamar & Francois, Constitutional Law Ch. 12 Procedural Due Process (2015) (pdf)

Jamar & Francois, Constitutional Law Ch. 13 Economic Rights (2015) (pdf)

Jamar & Francois, Constitutional Law Ch. 14 Substantive Due Process (2015) (pdf)

Jamar & Francois,Constitutional Law Ch. 15 State Action(2015) (pdf)

Jamar & Francois, Constitutional Law Ch. 16 Freedom of Expression (2015) (pdf)

Jamar & Francois, Constitutional Law Ch. 17 Freedom of Association(2015) (pdf)

Jamar & Francois, Constitutional Law Ch. 18 Freedom of Religion (2015) (pdf)

Supplemental materials to be provided from the Professor from time to time (online)

Recommended Books

Additional Perspectives

Brian Landsberg and Leslie Jacobs, Global Issues in Constitutional Law (Thompson West 2007)

Sanford Levinson, Our Undemocratic Constitution:  Where the Constitution Goes Wrong (and How We the People Can Correct It) (Oxford University Press 2006) (paperback edition 2007)

Study Aids

Mark C. Alexander, A Short & Happy Guide to Constitutional Law (West 2013) ISBN: 9780314286055

Weaver, Hancock, Lively, Frieland, & Bown-Scott, Inside Constitutional Law: What Matters and Why (2d ed. Aspen 2014 (coming soon maybe?))

Russell Weaver, Steven Friedland, Catherine Hancock, & Donald E. Lively Acing Constitutional Law (West 2010) (available in pdf and audio book forms)

Allan Ides & Chistopher N. May, Examples and Explanations: Constitutional Law: Individual Rights (6th ed. Aspen Publ. 2012)

Syllabus (downloadable pdf)

Please note that the syllabus shows what is planned at the start of the course.  The course is very unlikely to stay exactly on schedule.

First Assignments

First class:

Constitution: Articles 1, 2, 3 & Amends. 1, 5, & 14. Jamar & Francois, Foundations pp. 25-40 (Marbury v. Madison (1803))

Second and third classes:

Equal Protection Foundations Jamar & Francois, Foundations pp. 102-149


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