Constitutional Law I
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Welcome to the home page of Prof. Jamar's Constitutional Law I website. This website is only for the course taught by Prof. Jamar. It does not provide any information about the course as it may be taught by other faculty members.

The syllabus and other information is available online at

Required Book and Materials

The Constitution

Steven D. Jamar, Constitutional Law: Power, Liberty, Equality (Wolters Kluwer 2017) ISBN 9781454870326. Since the book will not be available until February, I will be posting in pdf form manuscript versions of the book chapters relevant for Con Law I. You should use the version of these chapters posted for 2017, not earlier versions.

Table of Contents
Part I Foundations
01 Studying Constitutional Law (2017)
02 Foundational Principles and Cases (2017)
Part II Federal Power
03 Judicial Power (2017)
04 Congressional Power: Introduction (2017)
05 Congressional Power: Commerce Clause (2017)
06 Congressional Power:
Spending and Taxing Clause (2017)

07 Congressional Power: Necessary and Proper Clause and Other Congressional Powers (2017)
08 Congressional Power: Reconstruction Amendments (2017)
09 Executive Power (2017)
10 Separation of Powers (2017)
Part III State Power and the Federal Constitution
11 Federal Constitutional Limits on State Power (2017)
12 Federalism & State Sovereignty (2017)

Supplemental materials to be provided from Prof. Jamar from time to time (online).

Recommended Books

Additional Perspectives

Brian Landsberg and Leslie Jacobs, Global Issues in Constitutional Law (Thompson West 2007)

Sanford Levinson, Our Undemocratic Constitution:  Where the Constitution Goes Wrong (and How We the People Can Correct It) (Oxford University Press 2006) (paperback edition 2007)

Study Aids

Allan Ides & Chistopher N. May, Constitutional Law: National Power and Federalism Examples and Explanations (6th ed. Aspen Publ. 2013)

Past CL1 exams downloadable from the course website


Please note that the syllabus shows what is planned.  The course is unlikely to stay exactly on schedule.

First Assignments

Classes 1-3:

Constitution Articles 1, 2, 3 & Amends. 1, 5, 10, 11, 14

Jamar, Part I Foundations; ch. 1 Studying Constitutional Law; Ch. 2 Foundational Principles and Cases (2017); pp. 1-43, with particular emphasis on Marbury v. Madison (1803).

Jamar, ch. 2 Foundations  pp.43-61 with particular emphasis on Worcester v. Georgia (1832)


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