Index to Professor Jamar's Scholarship Online

Below are links to abstracts or full versions (or both) of some of my published articles as well as to some of my other writings. Abstracts and full versions (pdf format) of some of my longer works are available through my SSRN author page:

Co-author with Christen B'anca Glenn, Esq., When the Author Owns the World: Copyright Issues Arising from Monetizing Fan Fiction, 1 Tex. A. & M. L. Rev. 959 (2014)

A Social Justice Perspective on the Role of Copyright in Realizing International Human Rights, 25 Pac. McGeorge Global Bus. & Development L.J. 289 (2012)

Co-author with Prof. Lateef Mtima, A Social Justice Perspective on Intellectual Property, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, Ch. 6 in Megan Carpenter, ed., Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Evolving Economies: The Role of Law (Elgar Law and Entrepreneurship Series 2012)

Religious Use of Copyrighted Works after Smith, RFRA, and Eldred, 32 Cardozo L. Rev. 1879 (2011)

Co-author with Prof. Lateef Mtima, Fulfilling the Copyright Social Justice Promise: Digitizing Textual Information, 55 N.Y.L. Sch. L. Rev. 77-108 (2010)

Crafting Copyright Law to Encourage and Protect User-Generated Content in the Internet Social Networking Context, 19 Widener L.J. 843-872 (2010)

Copyright and the Public Interest from the Perspective of Brown v. Board of Education, 48 How. L. J. 629 (2005) abstract and full text available at SSRN:

Brief History of Brown v. Board of Education (2004)

Biographical sketches of some of the leading attorneys in Brown v. Board of Education (2004-2008)

Aristotle Teaches Persuasion: The Psychic Connection, 8 Scribes 61-102 (2001-2002) abstract and full text available at SSRN:

A Lawyering Approach to Law and Development, 27 N.C. J. Int'l L. & Com. Reg. 31-66 (2001) abstract and full text available at SSRN:

Everything Old Is New Again: An Essay Review of Anthony G. Amsterdam & Jerome Bruner, Minding the Law (Harv. U. Press 2000), 22 Pace L. Rev. 155-198 (2001) abstract and full text available at SSRN:

The Human Right of Access to Legal Information: Using Technology To Advance Transparency and the Rule of Law, 1 Global Jurist Topics, No. 2, Article 6 (2001) abstract and full text also available at SSRN:

Kenneth Markowitz, Meredith Reeves, & Steven D. Jamar, Workshop Proceedings of A View from Space: Digital Earth Applications in Environmental Resource Management (April 25, 2001)

Steven D. Jamar, Konstantinos Kalpakis, & Kenneth J. Markowitz, Annotated XML Legal Document DTD for ELIS & GLIN, LegalXML Unofficial Note, (April 18, 2001) (MS Word document, 26 pages)

Using the Multistate Performance Test in an LRW Course, 8 Persp. 118 (2000)(pdf version)

Report of the Howard University Distance Education Task Force (pdf file)(May 18, 2000) and Howard University Distance Education Policy (May 18, 2000) (lead author)

The ALWD Citation Manual -- A Professional Citation System for the Law, 8 Persp. 65 (html version) (pdf version) (2000)

Asking Questions, 6 Persp. 69 (1998)

This Article Has No Footnotes:1  An Essay on RFRA2 and the Limits of Logic in the Law, 27 Stetson L. Rev. 559-587 (1997) abstract and full available at SSRN:

Accommodating Religion at Work:  A Principled Approach to Title VII and Religious Freedom, 40 N.Y.L. Sch. L. Rev. 719-832 (1996) (introductory essay, MS Word document (7 pages)) abstract and full text available at SSRN:

The International Human Right to Health, 22 Southern U. L. Rev. 1-68 (1994) (abstract) abstract and full text available at SSRN:

Section 301 and Informatics Market Access:  The Case of Brazil (unpublished LL. M. thesis, Georgetown University Law Center 1993) (MS Word document 39 pages (single spaced))

The Protection of Intellectual Property under Islamic Law, 21 Cap. U. L. Rev. 1079-1106 (1992)(abstract) abstract and full text available at SSRN:


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